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Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Management and Content Distribution Company


General Website, Position and Keyword Analysis

Analysis includes the present state of your website, level of optimization scale, copy (text) review, load time data, source review, server response, MetaData review (if any), Saturation (number) of listings in major search engines such as: Google, AOL, HotBot, MSN, Yahoo, AllTheWeb & AltaVista; Link popularity review, Keyword review. The analysis report will also include suggestions of Search Engine Friendly elements on your site, proper MetaData, Copy (text) suggestions, effective keyword list, and other elements that might improve you position and ranking with the search engines and directories.

Competition Analysis

After reviewing your website we will review and analyze the market, possibilities for growth, and your competition. The report will include comparison of websites that are in direct competition to your business, their growth rate, business dynamics, best practices and the implementation of such on your website.

Search engine optimization

We will help you to prepare, improve and optimize your website to achieve best organic search results. This will include Keyword optimization, Meta-Data optimization, Website content optimization and other ethical practices. We will also help you implement all of the necessary modules for successful ranking to achieve best results possible. Our professional stuff will develop unique descriptions, implement proper titling and create custom tags to brand your website.

Guaranteed Instant Placement

Your website will get listing in some major search engines and directories within 48 hours from the scheduled submission time. We have developed relationships with industries best leaders to be able to provide such a guarantee.

Search Engine Submission to major search engines & directories

Your website will be manually submitted to over 300 major and unique search engines and directories. We will also research industry and market specific directories for your business and include your website in those as well.

Press Release Distribution Services

Our professional copywriters will develop effective press releases for your website and distribute them on all of the major news channels.

Domain Suggestions

We will compile a list of suitable domain for your website and SEO purposes to better improve your ranking.

Custom Linking + Page Rank improvement

Page Rank and proper Linking gives your site more credibility. More credibility means better search engines results and higher ranking. We will devise a strategy on implementing proper links and increasing your websites page rank to its highest.

Other On-Demand Services:

Paid Campaign Management

Considering that Organic Search Engine Marketing is a long term solution and it usually take from six months to a year to see proper and measurable results, Paid or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns allow you to test and see instant results. We will help you develop and manage those paid campaigns, select a converting and profitable keyword list, develop description with emotional triggers, measure and track your campaigns. Paid Search Engine Advertising includes PPC (Pay-Per-Click), PPV (Pay-Per-View) and other methods of advertising.

Other Services

We also offer a wide range of design and development services. We can build dynamic or static websites, develop marketing material and other collateral. Our technical skills include: ASP, PHP, .NET, Perl, C++ and other programming languages, database administration and management, hosting and other services.

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