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SEOMO is an entrepreneurial agency offering clients culturally appropriate marketing services, which means that we have access to market, media, research and category intelligence in other Canadian, U.S. and international markets. This also affords us the opportunity to attend issue-related conferences and exchange ideas with marketing and advertising professionals from around the world.

As an agency, we also believe that we should use our creative and strategic skills to further the social good. For this reason, over the years we have done work for Drinking and Driving, Road Safety, Literacy, and Racism.


At SEOMO, we know the path to success. However staying on the right path requires independence, creative thinking and hard work. Communications that leverage strategy, but understand that no behavioral or attitudinal change is ever made without an emotional trigger. We do breakout advertising. We refer to it as story-selling.

Our job as communication professionals is to create communication that propels the growth and success of our clients by framing their websites in a compelling manner.

The goal is to tell the brand story in a manner that motivates people to change their behavior and generates results for our clients. Ultimately, we are in the business of assisting our clients in increasing sales, profits, brand equity and market share through creative persuasion.

SEOMO. 3464 Hutchison, Suite A. Montreal. Quebec. H2X 2G6 CANADA